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50L Juice Dispenser


Large Juice Dispenser for Sale

50L Juice Dispenser for Sale Johannesburg

This is a 50L single Juice dispenser for sale. This Juice dispenser is made of Italian technology. The inner structure is made from high-quality copper pipes. The compressor is a durable Italian imported environmentally friendly design. The outer panels are made of stainless steel.

The system has both a cooling and heating function. This juice dispenser can be used to cool, mix and dispense juice allowing you to pour and sell juice to your clients without having to worry about keeping the juice cold or stirred. The juice dispenser holds 1 x 50L juice and runs on 1400 Watt power at 22V 50Hz.

Fully-automatic Control with a Stainless steel body made from Super strong non-toxic PC tanks. It also has the world famous Italian compressor as well as an Air-cooled condenser. This juicer is easy to use, easy to remove for cleaning, handles and dispense valve with a Lower Noise power saving, lightweight and a slick appearance.