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Candy Floss Machine

Cute Commercial candy floss machine for sale with cart!! This high-quality candyfloss machine is crafted from lightweight durable aluminium and does not only look adorable but is also really easy to use! These new candy floss machines are not like the old complex machines where you actually required skills to use the machine, with this machine you can just keep the stick above the machine and turn it and the candy floss will accumulate on the stick. There is really no trick to it, your guests can easily make their own candy floss. Add a dome for your candyfloss machine for only R995, this dome will make sure you have an easy candy floss making experience even on those really windy days!


Candy Floss Machine for Sale!

Candy Floss Machine for Sale Johannesburg

We sell standalone candy floss machines and candy floss machines on carts.

Candy floss, also known as cotton candy, and in South Africa they call it “spook asem”, is basically fine threads of sugar just like a spider web made out of sugar. The way the candy floss machine works is actually genius. The candy floss machine heats the sugar up to the perfect temperature where the sugar begins to melt without burning the sugar. The head of the candy floss machine containing the sugar spins at a high velocity. The second law of motion forces the sugar to the swing outwards and the melted sugar then passes through little holes in the head which caused thin sugar threads to form. Because of the vortex created by the spinning head the sugar threads will spiral above the head like a tornado of candy floss threads and because melted sugar is sticky it will accumulate on any stick or straw you hold in this field. You could theoretically use just plain house sugar to make your candy floss but that is so boring, you can buy coloured and flavoured sugar which makes much better looking candy floss which tastes great!

Our candy floss machines are made from the highest quality lightweight material. The machines are easy to clean and parts are easy to assemble and disassemble for proper cleaning. The machine comes with easy to use instructions, you can basically switch the machine on with the push of a button, you then wait 5 minutes and then you can pour your sugar into the spinning head whilst the candy floss machine is on. Candy floss will immediately start forming and you can just rotate a stick in the candy floss vortex which will make beautiful candy floss sticks that will light up many faces at any party. The great thing about candy floss machines is that the ingredients that go into the machine are really affordable since it is just sugar, flavour and colour.

The candy floss machines come with a ladle spoon which allows you to easily scoop up just the right amount of sugar for 1 large candy floss serving. The machine also comes with a stainless steel head and protective barrier. Candy floss machine domes can be purchased separately which is very helpful for making candy floss outside in windy conditions without getting candy floss all over your clients or staff. The machines can be bought stand-alone or with a trolley, the trolley makes a really nice aesthetic addition to the machine but also allows easy transport of the machine since the cart has wheels. The machine with the cart has a real authentic carnival look and will attract many customers. Some of our machines can play a song just like an ice cream car which is cute for kid’s birthday parties. The machines are spray painted in shocking pink which looks great and stands out at any party or event. The machines are very durable and has parts available should any parts ever need replacing in the future.