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Chocolate Fountain 5 Tier

This 5 tier chocolate fountain is crafted from Stainless Steel. The stainless steel body makes it easy to clean and easy to use. Just pour your chocolate in the chocolate bottom of the well and switch on the machine, the chocolate will heat up and move up the chocolate spiral and flow over the top to create an amazing chocolate fountain experience. The chocolate fountain is built to North American electrical standards. The fountain has a 180 Watt power supply and runs at 120V / 60hz.


5 Tier Chocolate Fountain For Sale

5 Tier Chocolate Fountain For Sale Johannesburg

A chocolate fountain is an amazing piece of machinery that brings a smile to anyone’s face who dips sweets and fruits in its warm melted constantly pouring chocolate.  Chocolate fountains come in many shapes and sizes but the basic core design is the same. A chocolate fountain contains a basin which holds the chocolate, this basin heats up over time and in turn, heats up the chocolate which makes it runny and perfect for the fountain. In the centre of the chocolate fountain is a spiral cylindrical structure which turns, a medium powered motor attached to the centre piece allows it to turn and this turning inside a stainless steel tube creates a vortex which sucks the chocolate up through the stainless steel tube. Once the chocolate reaches the top it pours out and over the first tier of the fountain. Chocolate fountains have multiple tiers and depending on the chocolate fountain size you will find 4 or more tiers, some large fountains have up to 8 tiers. Once the chocolate has poured over the first tier it falls on the second tier which is larger and so on till the last largest tier, after this, the chocolate returns to the bowl for heating where it is then reintroduced into the system. This continuous loop creates a smooth fountain of warm chocolate which allows clients to easily dip fruits and sweets in the warm chocolate. Chocolate fountains is always a winner at any party and easy to setup. Once the party is done it is easy to disassemble the chocolate fountain for washing.

Our chocolate fountains are made from high quality polished stainless steel which makes cleaning really easy. The entire fountain can be de-assembled which makes cleaning even easier. The motor is a strong high quality imported motor which will last a lifetime.

Some chocolate fountains use already melted chocolate, however, our chocolate fountains allow both melted and solid chocolate to be used, the heating unit is strong enough to melt chocolate slabs and the motor Is strong enough to carry thick chocolate.

An Interesting fact is that the chocolate fountain was first invented by Ben Bisman in 1991 and has since then exploded in popularity all around the world.

Chocolate fountains make a great edition to any party and especially weddings, the chocolate fountain almost has a wedding cake look and some brides choose to have a chocolate fountain instead of a cake.

To find out more about our chocolate fountains for sale please contact us to discuss different options.