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Commercial Deep Fryer

A wide selection of high-quality stainless steel deep fryers available to assist your restaurant with all the deep fried machine power you need. All products are constructed from stainless steel and have a removable stainless steel oil tank to make cleaning a much easier task. All products come with automatic temperature control and a revolving fryer head design. If you are interested in buying a commercial deep fryer for your restaurant Contact us for prices.


Commercial Deep Fryer / Commercial Electric Deep Fryers

Our commercial electric deep fryers are made from high-quality stainless steel. The fryers have very fast and effective heating elements which allow a fast recovery time between heating cycles. The deep fryers are equipped with easy to use dipping basket trays which allow you to submerge raw food material safely and hygienically.  Commercial deep fryer is perfect for any pub grub such as chips, Russians, sausages and also for use in restaurants or stands that sell any fried foods such as chip and dip, hot dogs or doughnuts. The entire machine easily disassembles which makes washing easy, the stainless steel polished body also makes cleaning with warm soapy water really easy. Commercial deep fryers come in different sizes which allow different load capacity and frying capacity. To find out more about our deep fryer options please contact us.

Deep fryers

A deep fryer is hands down one of the most important machines in any kitchen that serve chips or other fried foods. Our commercial deep fryer comes with 2 baskets and an easy to clean stainless steel body. Contact us for more information on commercial deep fryers.