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KS-80 Ice Maker

Ice Maker for Sale

Our beautiful stainless steel body ice makers are very durable and super-efficient at making beautiful ice blocks in no time at all. The machine is very easy to use, you literally have to press one button to switch it on and then you can just listen to it making ice. Every time a new ice batch is made you will hear a sound. These commercial ice making machines are perfect for anyone who runs a bar professionally or at home, they are also perfect for shops that sell ice or for a home ice making business. Whatever your use for ice making machines we have you covered, phone us to discuss your ice maker options. These machines are very hygienic and do not require regular cleaning, however cleaning is very easy with some warm soapy water since the inside and outside of the machine is made from polished stainless steel. These ice makers are perfect to keep in the front shop or at the back, but they will make a nice addition to any store. Contact us for all your ice making machine needs whether commercial or private.

We have a great selection of ice commercial ice makers for sale. These machines are all made from 304 stainless steel and uses Italian durable Italian Aspersa compressors to ensure a reliable machine that will last years. The machine has an Elegant appearance and has a Micro-computer controlled interface as well as Vertical ice plates to ensure a fast ice-making speed The machine has a large contacting surface and uses an imported compressor and water pump.
This ice machine can produce 28Kg of ice in 24 hours.

  1. Voltage/Hertz/Phase 220Volts/50Hz, one phase
  2. Amperage 20 Amps
  3. Power Consumption: 300w
  4. Refrigerant R404A
  5. Condenser Type Air-Cooled or water-cooled
  6. Production Capacity: 28kgsL/24H
  7. Length: 46cm
  8. Width: 50cm
  9. Height: 88cm
  10. Weight: 35kgs