Large Jumbo Straws – 8mm

R30.00 – R300.00


Large Jumbo Straws – 8mm

Large Jumbo Straws for Slush Puppy, Milkshake and Smoothies

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Large thick plastic straws are best for drinking thick drinks like slushies and milkshakes or smoothies. Smaller straws do not work well as it becomes impossible to get thick liquids up into the straw. These jumbo straws are a must for any slushy birthday parties or milkshakes. Large smooth straws and large milkshake straws come in packs of 300. We also have spoon straws which are ideal for really thick drinks, please phone us to inquire about those. All our straws are made from recyclable material so please recycle after use.  For more information on our jumbo slush puppy and milkshake straws give us a call and one of our friendly consultants will assist.