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Slush Puppy Machine (3 Barrel)


Slush Puppy Machine for Sale

3 Barrel Slush Puppy Machine

Beautiful, elegant 304 stainless steel slush puppy / slushy machine for sale. The compressor units are made from the highest quality
Italian materials and are imported Italy. The sided conductive outer wall evaporator is optimised for direct cooling and high efficiency. This multi-purpose slushy machine can be used to make slushy drinks but can also be used on juice function to keep water and juice cold. We import sell the highest quality slush machines on the market. We sell slush puppy machines in Johannesburg, Pretoria and all major South African cities. We also sell slush machines in other African countries.
This is a 400 Watt machine and weights 42kG, it has 3 barrels at 10 Litres per barrel, Freeze time is 45min.

Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in buying a slush machine from rocket party equipment. Features:

  1. Micro-computer controlled
  2. Body material are used AISI 304 stainless steel, high light, avoid rust
  3. Tank material are used PC plastic, high/low-temperature resistance, innoxious, antifoaming and good flexibility
  4. Electromagnetic transmission shaft, magnetic transmission, is much better than electro transmission shaft, long lifetime.
  5. Condenser with copper tube, fast cooling, avoid leak
  6. High capacity with low power
  7. Compressor brand is Aspera, fast cooling speed, stable, long lifetime
  8. Evaporator, double refrigeration, frozen fast
  9. Cooling method is air-cooling
  10. Slush comes during 30min-45min
  11. Slush machine is easy to move, simple to maintain and easy to operate
  12. Our products passed CE certificate International certification

Slush machines are better known in South Africa as slush puppy machines are amazing machines not only in terms of the colour, fun flavour and sugar it brings to any party but also in terms of how it works. The slush machine has a compressor freezing unit which cools the slush mix down to freezing temperatures, now this would normally cause the mixture to freeze into a solid block of ice but because the slush mix is loaded with sugar it has a higher freezing point and only creates an ice slush. The sugar basically acts as an anti-freeze. The machine also constantly stirs the slush mixture to ensure no large ice particles forms, this ensures that the slush mix stays in slush form.

Our slush machines internals is imported from Italy and is very durable and perfect for commercial use. The compressor is also imported from Italy, Italy makes the best compressors for fridges and slush machines, and because this is the most expensive part of the machine we ensured that it is also the most durable part of the machine. The internals of the machine is covered in a durable polished stainless steel casing. The slush machine barrels are equipped with 2 spring driven taps and a lid. Inside the barrels, you will find 2 spiral stirrers which magnetically slots into the back of the machine and can be removed easily by pulling it which makes cleaning very easy. The barrels, the taps and the stirrers can be disassembled in 1min and cleaned with warm soapy water after use.

Our slush puppy machines are easy to operate and works with 2 buttons, the one button controls the stirrers and the other switches the freezing unit on and off. Each barrel takes 10L of slush mix. To make your slush puppies is easy, pour the slush mix into the barrels, switch on the freezing unit and then switch on the stirrers, wait one hour and enjoy your slush puppy. If you are interested in buying one of our slush puppy machines please note that we have different machines for sale. We sell a single barrel, double barrel and triple barrel slush machine. The double barrel slushy machine sells the most because it is light enough to carry, however, our single and triple machines also get sold quite often, the triple machine is great for kids parties because they can make multi-coloured slush puppies and the single machine, on the other hand, is affordable. If you are interested in one of our machines give us a call or come to our showroom to have a look at all the slush machine options.