Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder

Soft Serve Flavoured Powder Instructions:

  1. Mix 1kg packet into 2.5 litres of water.
  2. Blend to combine ingredients, about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour Soft Serve Mix into the machine

1 bag makes 3.5-4L of Soft Serve.



Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder

Soft Serve Powder, Ice Cream Mix Powder Supplier Johannesburg

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Our soft serve powdered ice cream mix will give you perfect creamy ice cream every time. We create a variety of soft serve powder flavours in 1kg packets which are convenient for packing and storing as well as transport. Our soft serve mixes are compatible with all commercial ice cream machines and very easy to use.  Combined with our delicious ice cream cones you will have the perfect ice creams for your shop or event, just add chocolate sprinkles and serve. Soft serve mix powders have a 6-month shelf life and can be bought in bulk and stored. For more information on our mixes please give us a call. Soft serve mix flavours we have in stock are:

  • Soft Serve Vanilla Powder Mix
  • Soft Serve Chocolate Powder Mix
  • Soft Serve Strawberry Powder Mix
  • Soft Serve Banana Powder Mix – no longer available
  • Soft Serve Bubblegum Powder Mix

1 bag makes 3.5L of Soft Serve.